Soul’s Place

In November 1971, Rupert Margerson ‘75, Michael K. Williams ‘76, and James Martin ‘76 started Soul’s Place, Northeastern’s African American radio program. Their purpose was to provide the African American community of Northeastern and Boston with entertainment, news, announcements, and an alternative method of communication. The program aired on Northeastern’s radio station, 91.7 WRBB. Originally, Soul’s Place broadcast Friday from 10 P.M. until 2 A.M., but eventually it aired six days a week with shows at various times.

By 1974, the staff of Soul’s Place had grown from three to 30. Programming included black classical, rhythm and blues, gospel, and reggae. Soul’s Place also aired tributes to Joan Little (an African American woman who was acquitted of killing her white jailor in 1974 while defending herself from rape) and Dr. Kenneth Edelin (Commonwealth of Massachusetts versus Kenneth Edelin was a 1973 court case in which Dr. Edelin of Boston City Hospital was tried for manslaughter for his involvement in hysterotomy abortion).